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        Taizhou MaikenLong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of unidirectional rolling bearings. Since its establishment in 1995, the company has been working on the development, manufacture and application of unidirectional rolling bearings and unidirectional overrunning clutches for various structural uses, and has more than 10 technical patents. After more than 20 years of development, the company has formed an annual production of about 4000000 sets of unidirectional rolling bearings / one-way overrunning clutch production scale. The products are widely used in automotive motors, washing machines, motorcycles, electric vehicles, agricultural machinery, food machinery and other industries, which have been well received by customers and have set up good corporate reputation.

        After several years of R & D trial and development, the company successfully developed unidirectional pulley bearings with unidirectional pulley for motor generators in 2014. In 2016, a unidirectional pulley production line of 500 thousand motor generators was set up in 2016, and the unidirectional pulley of motor generator was produced. Through all kinds of test and test including live road test, the company's product performance is high quality and reliable, so as to replace the level of similar imported products.

        The company not only established the modern enterprise quality management system through ISO9002 and TS16949 certification, but also established a modern testing laboratory, with clutch life test machine, clutch speed changing endurance test machine, spring life test machine, three coordinate measuring instrument, Jin Xiangxian microhardness tester, digital projector, spring force measurement. The precision testing equipment, such as instrument, profile measuring instrument, roundness tester and bearing clearance meter, provides a practical guarantee for the reliable and stable product quality.

        "Good faith, professional and win-win" is the enterprise tenet of Taizhou City Michael Long Machinery Co., Ltd., we will uphold the spirit of steadfast and conscientious work, with professional technology and management, to provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory service.

       Welcome customers to negotiate, we look forward to win-win cooperation with you.

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